With Social Media Marketing you will get where your customers are

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media are part of our day to day, more than 2 billions of people use it and that makes it very attractive to create a Social Media strategy. Social Media Marketing should be part of your Online Marketing strategy, because with it we develop actions in Social Networks aimed at publicizing our services or products, generating engagement and linkage with our target audience.

In the Social Media plan for business, we must first find which channel or channel are suitable for your brand, those more relevant for your buyer person.

Do not put aside your Social Media and Advertising Marketing Plan.

Social Networks are ideal to reach our target audience, have a close treatment and build trust. With an effective strategy and a Marketing Plan in Social Networks and advertising you can grow your presence, make your services or products visible and turn users into leads. Moodernize your Social Media!

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Sell on Social Networks. Improve your engagement, boost your brand and make your networks profitable.

With advertising in Social Networks for companies you can give a boost to your brand, achieving specific objectives and quickly increasing the visibility of your company.

With the campaigns in Social Media we will be able to define short, medium and long term objectives, charting a route that will lead us to achieve our objectives.

Selling on Social Networks is possible, you just have to make the leap.

And… why do Social Media Marketing?


More than 3.000 million users connect to Social Network everyday.


25,5 million users visit Networks daily.


81% of users follow brands on some Social Networks.


Increases the use of Social Media to search for product information before making a purchase.


72% users follow influencers through Social Networks.

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Measure to convert

With your Social Media Agency, Mood 359, you can create a networking strategy focused on essential goals. In addition, measurement and optimization are important, making the most of your company´s Social Media and boosting ROI. With analytics and measurement, we will be able to perform correct interpretations based on KPI´s for your brand, drawing conclusions and optimizing the strategy. At Mood 359 we are committed to Digital Marketing and Social Networks, with an optimized and personalized strategy for your company.

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