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What is SEO positioning and what is it for?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the cornerstone of all digital business and web content strategies.

It is a set of SEO techniques that try to improve the visibility and positioning of your website in the search engine results lists.

That is, when you search for something in Google and different pages on the subject appear in the first position.Those, surely, use SEO positioning strategies. Those, surely, use SEO positioning strategies.

If you want your website to reach the first pages of the big Google, it is necessary to carry out a SEO strategy adapted to your business with your trusted SEO agency.

And why do I need web positioning for my company?

If you want your target audience to find you and end up contacting you, you need to first appear in the searches they perform related to your sector, product or service.

Search engine optimization makes your website more useful, both for your personal buyer and for search engines.

SEO will help you increase the number of quality visits to your website. And, if more and more quality searches related to your product or service arrive, your sales will increase. And, if more and more quality searches related to your product or service arrive, your sales will increase.

But, although it may seem “simple”, if you want to achieve effective results, it is essential to have an SEO agency.

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What SEO services does Mood 359 offer?

In Mood 359 we like to meet our future customers, unravel their business and listen what they want to achieve. Based on this, we offer a SEO positioning plan customized to your business objectives.


1. Seo analysis.

Before we get to work, we analyse the current state of your website´s positioning. How optimized is it, the quality of keywords, the usability of your website, the information architecture of your website…


2. SEO positioning plan.

We develop the SEO strategy for your website, specifying the different SEO actions that will be performed to optimize your website.


3. SEO on-page positioning

We improve the internal and technical processes to generate an optimal user experience, in order to improve positions in search results and help us achieve our goals.


4. SEO off-page positioning.

In this part we work on the web positioning out your page, bringing authority to your website through LinkBuilding strategies or link creation.


5. SEO local positioning

We work the local web positioning of your business, making the most of the local scope of your company to appear in local searches of your potential customers.


6. SEO report.

Every month you will have a SEO report of positioning strategy developed for your company, with SEO actions carried out and the results obtained.

And… Why invest in SEO?


The organic traffic is the main source of visits to websites worldwide.


In Google searches, users are 20 time more likely to click on an organic result.


On average, 40% of website turnover is due to SEO traffic.

But getting results takes time, at least 3 to 6 months. Although the search engine optimization strategy makes more results gradually emerge and the advantages are many.


Investing in SEO for your business is essential to achieve results in the medium and long term.
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Hire web positioning services for your business!

If you are here, it is because the time has come to invest in SEO and hire web positioning for your business. Ask us for a SEO budget for your company and start today to bet on quality visits to your website. In Mood 359 we bet on Online Marketing and web positioning, with an optimized and customized strategy for your company.

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