Get your customers to find you with SEM positioning and Google Ads.

What is SEM positioning?

SEM positiong refers to the promotion of a website in search engines through theuse of paid ads.

The main mission of SEM positioning is to attract to new clients, as well as to generate quality traffic to our website.

It is mainly based on pay per click (CPC) through the insertion of sponsored ads in platforms such as Google Ads or Bing Ads.

SEM marketing campaigns allow both large and (specifically) medium and small businesses to gain visibility on the Internet more immediately with small investments.

Online advertisement has many advantages for your business marketing strategy.

  • In SEM campaigns only pay when the user clicks on the ad and goes to your page. Or what is the same, pay per click (CPC)

  • Great short-time profitability. Your website can be positioned at the top in a short time. As soon as the campaign is activated and optimized.

  • The budget for the Google Adword campaign is decided by you, investing what is necessary and being able to extend it when it is convenient.

  • You know the ROI, return on investment, of your SEM marketing campaigns, which keywords work best, which ads give the highest conversions, etc.

  • Online advertising campaigns are easier to analyze and optimize than offline campaigns, drawing the best strategy for your business.

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Which kind of SEM positioning campaigns do you have at your disposal?

With Google Ads you will be able to make a multitude of SEM campaign formats.


Search campaigns.

Perhaps the most used and known. They are text ads that are shown in the search engine results for the words and phrases that interest us.


Google Shopping campaigns.

The best option to promote your Online Shop and increase the sale of your products faster.


Display campaigns.

They are ideal graphical ads to gain visibility and insert them in those portal or web themes of interest to your Buyer Person.


Remarketing campaigns.

With this type of ads we reach those users who have already visited our website or have shown interest in our products, thus increasing the conversion rate.


Mobile application campaigns.

Through these types of campaigns we can advertise in certain apps or app categories that interest us and where our target audience is.


Video campaigns.

Promoting our own videos and giving them visibility on Youtube and other portals. And you only pay for reproduction. And you only pay for reproduction.

And… Why invest in Google Ads or Google Adwords?


1. You get where your customers are.

Google has millions of web pages and its own spaces such as Youtube, Gmail, or the Display Network, reaching 90% of the Internet user worldwide.


2. You have more visibility as s brand.

Google Ads gives us the possibility to carefully segment our target audience. This allow us to reach the people we want and get more visibility among our buyer person.


3. Different options to reach your buyer person.

With Google Adwors we have different formats of online advertising to reach our customers such as search ads, video ads, applications, Google Shopping,…


4. You control the budget of your SEM marketing campaign.

Investing in Google Ads allows us to decide how much budget we want to spend on campaigns. And when we want to finish them, it can be done without any cost.


5. Improve positioning and sales.

With a Google Adwords strategy we increase the number of impressions and posible clicks. With this, we improve the positioning of our business and increase sales and conversions.

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