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What is Online Marketing for business?

Online Marketing for business are the actions and strategies that are executed in digital media.

It allows you to promote your products or services through the Internet, using Digital Marketing tools strategically and aligned with your business` overall marketing strategy.

Although you already knew that, Digital Marketing also allows you to do new and very effective things like Inbound Marketing or attraction marketing.

Attract, convert, sell and fall in love with your Online Marketing Agency, Mood 359.

But., but,.. why is Online Marketing important for my business?

Today we all use the Internet, and specifically our beloved Google, to search for products or services, opinions of these, features, companies or business… That is why being on the Internet is so important. But not only to be, but to be and do it well, with defined and effective digital marketing strategies. Your Buyer Person is surfing on Google right now, but if you do not it right, with a defined Online Marketing plan, he might not even see you.

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And… what are the benefits of Digital Marketing for my business? With your Digital Marketing strategy you will achieve:

With your Digital Marketing strategy you will achieve:


Faster result, almost in real time.


Accurate measurement of return on investment (ROI).


Higher profitability than with any other “traditional” advertising channel.


Increase brand visibility.


Direct, close, effective treatment with the customer.


Improve brand perception.


More effective online sales strategies.

Because by performing effective Online Marketing actions you will get potential customers to find you and not the other way around.

Why Digital Marketing?

If all of the above has not convinced you yet, pay attention to what the statistics say:


92% of the population uses the Internet daily,


88% visited an online store or ecommerce.


84% searched online to purchase a product or service.


72% of users bought over the Internet.


In Spain 25,5 millions users visit Social Networks daily.


95% of purchase decisions are made from the emotional side.

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What Online Marketing services does offer Mood359?

Attract, convert, sell and fall in love with your Online Marketing Agency, Mood 359. We carry out strategies, marketing plans, Digital Marketing campaigns and online advertising for your business. We carry out strategies, marketing plans, Digital Marketing campaigns and online advertising for your business.

SEM positioning

We have all the Google Ads certificates. We create effective Google Adwords campaigns that are oriented to your business goals. Because your costumer is searching online, make your company´s SEM positioning count.

Online Advertising Campaigns.

Reach your target audience effectively and clearly. Online Advertising campaigns in digital media can help you achieve greater visibility and leads that will become customers.

Inbound Marketing.

Online Marketing strategies designed to attract, convert, sell and make your Buyer Person fall in love. Because stories are important, but the way to tell them more.

Social Media Campaigns.

Social Media gives you many options for online advertising for your business. With effective ads and content you will generate greater engagement and achieve goals for your company.

Email Marketing.

Getting to our client´s mailbox is easy, but opening the email is something else. Con campañas de Email Marketing estratégicas, con contenido de calidad, segmentadas y creadas en base a tu Buyer Persona se consiguen grandes resultados. With strategic Email Marketing campaigns, with quality content, segmented and created based on your Buyer Person, great results are achieved.

Web Analytics.

Everything in marketing goes through analytics. If we do not know how to measure and analyse the result of our Online Marketing plan, we will not able to carry out effective digital campaigns that meet our objectives.

At Mood 359 we are committed to effective marketing with an optimized and personalized strategy for your company. Do you want your custom Online Marketing budget?

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