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What is Mood 359?

We are an Online Marketing Agency in Granada, specialized in Digital Marketing services, SEO, SEM, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Google Ads Campaigns and Web Design.

In Mood 359 we provide our clients with the services they need to disseminate, promote, make visible and achieve the goals set in the Online Marketing plan.

Mooder philosophy

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Mood is a state of mind, state of creativity, passion and desire to work on what we love.

And because we like what we do, we also want you to like it. That is why our philosophy is based on the transparency and the communication with our customers.

We like to create and imagine the world of possibilities that opens up behind each strategy that we customize for each of the customers that come to us.

We try to involve them in the ideation of the campaign from the beginning, taking into account their ideas and tastes, but also thinking about the Buyer Person of the brand.

Mood 359 iconography in green color

Why Mood359?

Did you know that the length coordinate of Granada, Spain is 3º59`?

And, the new era of the marketing is the 360?

With us, you have the 359 effect, because our goal is to take you to a different place from where you started.

Be a Mooder!

We like to transmit emotions, sensations and connect.

The word mood define us perfectly, because we want to convey a positive and creative mood.

And from the fusion of these ideas arises Mood359.

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We want you to live with us an experience, but above all, we want to transmit you:


Good vibes.



New ways of doing business.

Because different are many, do you want to be a mooder?

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