Do you want a responsive, intuitive web design adapted to your business?

Custom web design in Granada

At Mood359 we create the professional web design for your business. We create professional, current, intuitive, usable websites adapted to your business. We start from a website design from scratch, based on your business objectives and creating an intuitive content architecture for your users.

How is the process of designing your business website?

To create the design web in Granada, we follow a series of steps to get to know your company and make a website adapted to the needs of your business.

1. Briefing: We ask you a serie of questions to get to know your company and its needs better. If we have any doubts, we will surely contact you to deepen certain aspects.

2. Mockup: After the briefing, we will perform a first mockup of the design of your professional website, so you can get a first impression of what it will be like.

3. We build your tailor-made website: We start with the design of your professional website for your business, creating a responsive website, that is, adapted to all types of devices.

4. We launch your website:In a short time your professional website will be ready for you to star to promoting it in the different communication channels of your company.

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Mood359 web design services


Responsive website.

We create the responsive website of your business,to suit any type of device and any size.


Mobile First Web Design.

Today we all use our smartphone to view the websites of companies. That is why nowadays websites are created with the mobile phone in mind first, creating the design of your website from scratch for the mobile phone.


Corporate Web Design.

In mood359 we create the corporate website design for your current business, creative, intuitive and usable for your potential customer. Creamos webs corporativas desde cero adaptadas a la imagen de tu marca. We create corporate websites from scratch adapted to your brand image.


Landing Page.

With your landing page you will turn users who are looking for your products or services on the Internet into potential customers. It are pages optimized to attract attention, give clearer, more concise and attractive information to convert new customers.


Web Design and SEO.

In creating a new website it is very important to have a SEO positioning strategy to give greater visibility and position your website in the main search engines.

Do you need graphic design services for your business?

In Mood359 we also have a number of graphic design and cooperative identity services oriented to your needs.


Corporate Dossier.

Corporate Dossier. We create the cooperative dossies for your business based on the corporate identity of your brand.


Advertising Design.

We create different advertising design elements such as posters, brochures, leaflets, banners, advertising for magazine or press,..



We create the logo that best represents the corporate identity of your business.



The visible part of your product, designed to attract and convince the customer that it is right one for them that it will meet their expectations.

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Request the web design or graphic design budget for your business.

Nowadays, not having a corporate website or a customized website for our business means that we are not visible to many potential customers. Ask us for the design budget website for your company and star from today to bet on new technologies. In Mood359 we bet on Online Marketing and web design, with an optimized and personalized strategy for your company.

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