If content is king, work your Content Marketing.

What is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing and SEO go hand in hand in every Online Marketing strategy, because… Did you know that 60% of potential customers make a decision based on digital content? Content Marketing is a technique based on creating, publishing and sharing content of interest to your target audience.

Content marketing is fundamental to your digital strategy.

Content creation can be the key to the purchase decision, it is indispensable for good web positioning, it helps you to create your own content for your networks and to give relevant content to your buyer person.

Content Marketing help us to attract our potential customers and turn them into repeating and loyal customers.

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But… What are the benefits of Content Marketing for my company?


1. More traffic and leads.

With an optimized blog and a content strategy, 67% more chances are generated to convert users into leads.

2. Improve your SEO positioning.

The digital contents thought about a SEO strategy help you to position in our beloved Google.

3. Content Marketing increases sales.

A good Content Marketing strategy increases results. Customers who receive personalized content perceive more value.

4. You are different from the competition.

With Content Marketing you can differentiate yourself from the competition by showing a different style to your target audience.

5. Low investment cost.

Compared to other digital strategies, Content Marketing strategy is less expensive and has many benefits.

And… why do Content Marketing?

57% of companies say that Content Marketing is effective.
95% of purchase decisions are made from the emotional side.
41% of companies using Content Marketing strategies have achieved a very positive ROI.
61% of digital customers say that product descriptions are the most influential factor in their purchasing decision.
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Create to convert

With a well designed strategy and Content Marketing plan you can turn your users into a customers. With a Content Marketing Agency you will be able to go further and provide valuable content to your buyer person. At Mood 359 we are committed to Content Marketing in the development of digital strategies.

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